Brand Equivalents for re-branded Private Label Contact Lenses

Specsavers Contact Lenses Branded Equivalent at
Ascend 1 Day Biomedics 1 Day
Ascend 1 Day Comfort Proclear 1 Day
Ascend 1 Day Multifocal Proclear 1 Day Multifocal
Ascend 1 Day Toric Biomedics 1 Day Toric
Ascend Evolve Monthly Avaira
Ascend Evolve Monthly Toric Avaira Toric
Ascend Plus Monthly Proclear
Ascend Premier Monthly Biofinity
Ascend Premier Monthly Multifocal Biofinity Multifocal
Ascend Premier Monthly Toric Biofinity Toric
Clear Choice 1 Day Biomedics 1 Day
Clear Choice Premium 1 Day Proclear 1 Day
Clear Choice Premium Plus 14 Day Avaira
Clear Choice Premium Plus 14 Day Avaira Toric
Clear Choice Premium Plus Monthly Biofinity
Clear Choice Premium Plus Monthly Toric Biofinity Toric
ClearSight 1 Day Biomedics 1 Day
ClearSight 1 Day Toic Biomedics 1 Day Toric
ProActive Premium Fortnightly Avaira
ProBalance Monthly Biofinity
ProBalance Monthly Toric Biofinity Toric
ProView 1 Day Toric Biomedics 1 Day Toric
ProView Plus Monthly Proclear
Proview Plus 1 Day Proclear 1 Day
easyvision All Day All Night Toric Biofinity Toric
easyvision Aquayes Monthly Air Optix Night and Day
easyvision Clearus Daily SofLens Daily Disposable
easyvision Clarision Daily Sphere Biomedics 1 Day Toric
easyvision Clarision Daily Toric Biomedics 1 Day Toric
easyvision Elite Fortnightly Avaira
easyvision Fortnightly Toric Avaira Toric
easyvision Irisian Monthly Multifocal Air Optix Multifocal
easyvision Irisian Monthly Sphere Air Optix Aqua
easyvision Irisian Monthly Toric Air Optix Toric
easyvision Lacrima Daily Multifocal3 Proclear 1 Day Multifocal
easyvision Lacrima Monthly Plus Proclear
easyvision Lacrima Monthly Toric Similar to - Biofinity Toric
easyvision Linarial Daily MyDay
easyvision Magic Daily Miru 1 Day
easyvision Opsys Daily Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
easyvision Opteyes Monthly Multifocal3 Biofinity Multifocal
easyvision Opteyes Monthly Toric Biofinity Toric
easyvision Sential Monthly Biofinity Multifocal
easyvision Standard Monthly Proclear
easyvision Umere Daily Toric Clariti 1 Day Toric
easyvision Umere Daily Clariti 1 Day
easyvision Umere Daily Multifocal Clariti 1 Day Multifocal
easyvision Uvicia Monthly Avaira
easyvision Uvicia Monthly Toric Avaira Toric (no longer available)
easyvision Vitrea Daily Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus
easyvision Vusion Daily Multifocal Proclear 1 Day Multifocal
easyvision Vusion Daily Proclear 1 Day
easyvision Vusion Monthly Proclear

What are Specsavers equivalent contact lenses?

If you wear Specsavers contact lenses, you may have noticed that you can’t buy them online, unless from Specsavers themselves. The good news is that you can get the same lenses online. Most Specsavers easyvision contact lenses are equivalent to other branded contact lenses that you can find online at EyeContacts Australia. This means that you can enjoy wearing the same lenses that you’re used to without the need to be re fitted for other lenses.

There are only a few top contact lens manufacturers in the world, which means that all of Specsavers own brand contact lenses are made by the same people as the lenses we stock. Specsavers easyvision range is made up of the same contact lenses as the manufacturer’s branded versions but presented in Specsavers’ own packaging.

Manufacturers that produce Specsavers easyvision contact lenses and their branded equivalents include Coopervision/Sauflon, Bausch + Lomb and Alcon. You can find which manufacturers make your Specsavers own brand lenses using the table above.

For example, if you normally wear easyvision Daily Clarision, you can wear BioMedics 1Day Extra, or if you wear easyvision Elite Monthly, you can wear Air Optix Aqua instead.

Take a look at our table above to find your Specsavers easyvision lenses and what their branded equivalent is.

Additional Information

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