AIR Optix® for Asitgmatism 3pk
By Alcon

(Box of 3 lenses)

Alcon - AIR Optix® for Asitgmatism 3pk

Price: $60.00

Air Optix for Astigmatism Contact Lenses now with Hydraglyde provide clear, comfortable and consistently stable vision. High oxygen flow and no more drying out.

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Alcon - AIR Optix® for Asitgmatism 3pk

Contact Lens Details

Patented, permanent, bio-compatible hydraglyde plasma surface treatment resists deposits and maintains provides longer lasting hydration. High oxygen flow to the eye and very-smooth surface for eye comfort.

Wear:Daily or up to 6 nights
Brand:Air Optix
Lenses per box:3
Colour:Visibility tint - blue