Miru 1 Month 6 Pk Toric
By Menicon

(Box of 6 lenses)

Menicon - Miru 1 Month 6 Pk Toric

Price: $65.00

Miru 1 Month 6Pk Toric is designed to work with your eyes for clear, comfortable vision so you can get on with your life.

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Menicon - Miru 1 Month 6 Pk Toric

Contact Lens Details

The unique asymmetric vertical Thin Zones match the eyelids natural asymmetric coverage of the cornea, harnessing the natural lid force, optimizing centration and preventing rotation. Visiostable design.

Wear/Replacement: Daily wear monthly replacement
Lens material: Asmofilcon A(Silicone hydrogel)
Water content 40%