DAILIES® All Day Comfort 30pk
By Alcon

(Box of 30 lenses)

Alcon - DAILIES® All Day Comfort 30pk

Price: $46.00

DAILIES All Day Comfort Contact Lenses are made with AquaRelease a blink activated lubrication for fresh eyes.

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Alcon - DAILIES® All Day Comfort 30pk

Contact Lens Details

DAILIES All Day Comfort with blink activated lubrication. This contact lens is made from the same advanced materials as the original Focus Dailies and they have a non-ionic lens surface for less protein build-up. Enjoy crystal clear vision and comfort. DAILIES have an incredibly thin edge, so the feeling, or actually the lack of feeling, will be a welcome one. With these lenses you start each day with no irritating protein build-up.

Water Content: 69%
Centre Thickness: .10
Tint: Handling Tint

NEW AquaRelease for all day comfort. A new lens with blink activated lubrication.