Biofinity® 3pk
By CooperVision

(Box of 3 lenses)

CooperVision - Biofinity® 3pk

Price: $65.00

Comfilicon A DK128 Biofinity Contact Lenses are a soft disposable lens which can be worn continuously for 30 days.

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CooperVision - Biofinity® 3pk

Contact Lens Details

Biofinity contact lenses are made to minimise dehydration and build up on the lens. The lens material is extremely flexible and allows oxygen to pass easily to the eye.

Wear/Replacement: 30 Day continuous Wear/Monthly Replacement
Water content: 48%
Lens material: comfilicon A
Technology: Aquaform
Visibility tint: Light blue

These contact lenses are packaged for SpecSavers under the name EasyVision All Day All Night.