1-Day Acuvue® Define 30pk
By Johnson & Johnson

(Box of 30 lenses)

Johnson & Johnson - 1-Day Acuvue® Define 30pk

Price: $50.00

One Day ACUVUE Define contact lenses enhance the natural beauty of eyes making them look bigger brighter.

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Johnson & Johnson - 1-Day Acuvue® Define 30pk

Contact Lens Details

1-Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses are designed to give you a big eye look. These contact lenses are also available without vision correction, so even if you have perfect vision you can benefit from their phenomenal effects. An alternative to Freshkon Alluring Eyes try Define instead.

Wear/Replacement: Daily Wear / Daily Replacement
Water content: 58%
Lens material: Etafilcon A
Technology: PolyVinyl Pyrrolidone(PVP) Using LACREON Technology
Visibility tint: No