SofLens® Daily Disposable Astigmatism 30
By Bausch & Lomb

(Box of 30 lenses)

Bausch & Lomb - SofLens® Daily Disposable Astigmatism 30

Price: $50.00

SofLens Daily disposable contact lenses for astigmatism with thin edge design.

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Bausch & Lomb - SofLens® Daily Disposable Astigmatism 30

Contact Lens Details

SofLens Daily Disposable are the only contact lenses with ComfortMoist Technology a combination of thin lens design and slow-releasing packaging solution that provides outstanding all-day comfort.
New Contact Lens Biotrue

Daily wear, single use contact lens. Light Blue visibility tint for easy handling. SofLens daily disposable contact lenses are designed to consistently deliver exceptional visual quality especially in low-light conditions. SofLens daily disposable facilitate smooth eyelid/lens interaction during blinking.

4 to 6 week delay on orders for this product.