Contact Lens Hygiene Tips

When you wear your contact lenses they absorb foreign particles and protein which can build up on the surface of the contact lens and affect you vision and comfort, which makes cleaning and care of your lenses a must.

Improper care of your contact lenses may lead to a variety of infections, some of which can cause blindness so it is of the utmost importance that you follow the correct procedures for caring for your contact lens as recommended by your optometrist. This will result in the best level of care for your lenses and avoid any nasty infections.

    Always use clean hands.
    Store contact lenses in a clean case, we recommend you replace your case every 1 to 3 months.
    Use fresh solution each time you put your lens into the case, and make sure you cover the lens with solution.
    Remember to close the solution bottle to avoid contamination.
    Never let soap or other disinfectants touch your lens.
    Our preferred multipurpose solution is ReNu Fresh by Bausch and Lomb

Application and Removal of Contact Lenses