Frequency Xcel Toric XR 6pk Contact lenses
By CooperVision

(Box of 6 lenses)

CooperVision - Frequency Xcel Toric XR 6pk

Price: $166.00

A very comfortable toric contact lens with superior design and very thin edge.

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CooperVision - Frequency Xcel Toric XR 6pk

Contact Lens Details

This lens has a 55% water content and offers exceptional visual performance in low and high contrast environments. It is easy to insert and remove. Exceptional visual acuity results from excellent overall stability and lens optics. It is a Monthly Replacement lens.

Thanks to an extended range of prescription powers, Frequency Xcel Toric XR lets virtually anyone with astigmatism wear a monthly soft toric lens. Imagine: no more glasses or conventional toric lenses that you only replace once a year. Non exchangeable product.