Acuvue Vita

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Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue Vita

Price: $32.00

Monthly contact lenses designed for reliable, superior comfort. ACUVUE VITA delivers on weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 by maximising and maintaining hydration throughout the lens.

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Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue Vita

Contact Lens Details

Dont blame yourself for your monthly contact lens discomfort, it could be your lenses. As the month goes on, you might be using rewetting drops, taking breaks, or removing your lenses to deal with the discomfort. If this sounds familiar, ACUVUE VITA Brand with HydraMax Technology might be the right lenses for you.

Wear/Replacement: Monthly
Design: HydraMax
Material: senofilicon C
Water: 41%
Tint: Visibility tint
UV Protection: Yes
Inside Outside Mark: Yes