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Extreme H20 Monthly Disposable 3 Pack

(Box of 3 lenses)

Gelflex ACL - Extreme H20 Monthly Disposable 3 Pack

Price: $34.00

Extreme H2O Contact Lenses have been discontinued Order SofClear Comfort with Biomoist

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Gelflex ACL - Extreme H20 Monthly Disposable 3 Pack

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ORDER SOFCLEAR COMFORT WITH BIOMOIST CONTACT LENSES BUY SOFCLEAR COMFORT CONTACT LENSES WITH BIOMOIST Naturally moist, biocompatible, group 2 material hioxifilcon D Made from high purity material with extreme hydrophilicity Retains 97% original water content all day long.

Extreme H2O Monthly is the only monthly disposable lens made with hioxifilcon D - the highest purity GMA / HEMA copolymer which, when combined with water, creates a low energy state, resulting in a low contact angle with properties that deliver extreme hydrophilicity

All-day Comfort and Dry Eye Relief
Water content 59%